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Fashionziner is a new fashion-magazine portal originated from Istanbul. We have three main segment such as Fashionziner’s Authors Segment contains ten authors from Istanbul, Fashionziner Spotlight, Fashionziner Atelier. Now, we are opening our international segment which is named as

Fashionziner | London Responsible

Job Description:

We are looking forward to freelance as a fashion blog post/content creator about relevant topics upon own city fashion shows/events as two fashion blog post/content creating per a month.

This freelance job based in London will be contain,

Job Requirements:

  • Located in London,
  • 2 Fashion Blog Post/Content Creating per month,
  • Working independently,
  • Speaking and writing fluent English,
  • Working with basic Photoshop, Illustrator program skills to prepare images in the right size and format,
  • Freedom to choose your own topic to write about,
  • Candidates must be volunteer (Non-budget working),
  • Instagram and LinkedIn profiles are needed,

Our Expactations:

  • 2 Blog Post Creating in every month,
  • Attention to detail,
  • Self-motivated,
  • Using of social media accounts,
  • Stay up-to-date with current trends in fashion,
  • Flexible working hours,
  • Using of Skype,
  • Candidate can be fashion/textile student,

Our Offer:

  • We haven’t bugdet because all team members are student,
  • We can edit your vlog videos,
  • We can support when you join any event from your country,
  • You can always join all fashion events which are located Istanbul via us,
  • We can establish communication for Intern in fashion brand which is you wanted,
  • We can prepare for Insta-Story video content design which is you wanted
  • We can share, promote, support your social media profiles,
  • We can give some educations such as Digital Media Marketing, Using of WordPress,

Apply Now:

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Thank you for your attention, Join The Fashionziner Team!

If you have a question about this job, feel free contact with us via

Best wishes,