Fashionziner Barcelona Responsible

Fashionziner Barcelona Responsible



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Fashionziner Barcelona Responsible

Fashionziner Masterpieces – is our international fashion magazine portal and we are looking for volunteers who are interested in fashion blog writing!

Expectation from candidate of fashion blog writers;

  • To live in Barcelona,
  • Writer can be Fashion Student,
  • Following up to date fashion trends,
  • Active to attend fashion events in Barcelona,
  • Topics that has been choosed by writer (at least 300 words),
  • All references and citations must be mentioned by fashion blog writer,
  • Written language of article must be in english,
  • Every month at least one article must be written,
  • Writer must have a fashion motto at the bottom of article,
  • To have a LinkedIn profile,
  • Available to share article in all social media,
  • Be able to active in all social media,
  • To have a Gmail account that consist name and surname,
  • At basic level Photoshop must have been used by writer (to adjust article cover sizes),

Opportunities for writers,

  • To attend fashion events in Istanbul(Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul) and also Fashionziner’s events(Fashionziner Atelier),
  • Education that supports your digital management,
  • Education to use WordPress,
  • Some articles will be change to Podcats by our professional voice actor, you will have audible articles,
  • Your audible articles will be published on Spotify, Apple Podcasts(iTunes Store)
  • Sometimes surprise cosmetic gifts and opportunities from our sponsors,

Fashionziner is an international fashion magazine portal that completed its four years,

Fashionziner Information Team 2021